Jerry Karabelas

Argeris ("Jerry") N. Karabelas, Ph.D. is the Chairman of the Board of Directors and is a Partner at Care Capital, LLC, a life sciences venture firm with $500MM under management. Previous to this position, Dr. Karabelas founded the Novartis BioVenture Fund; he was also the CEO of Worldwide Pharmaceuticals, head of all healthcare businesses and a Member of the Executive Committee at Novartis, AG. Prior to that, he held a number of senior executive positions at SmithKline Beecham. He was also a Professor of Pharmacokinetics. Dr. Karabelas was a founder of CytoTherapeutics, Inc., Vanda Pharmaceuticals Inc., Cyrenaic, and Somnus. He is former Chairman of Human Genome Sciences, Vanda Pharmaceuticals Inc., Renovo, NitroMed, Inc., and SkyePharma plc. Dr. Karabelas holds a Ph.D. in Pharmaceutical Sciences and Pharmacokinetics from the Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and a Bachelor of Sciences in Biochemistry from the University of New Hampshire.

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